Liberty Lakes

Liberty Lakes is an 800 unit development that preserves all of the environmentally-sensitive wetlands in the area and creates additional wetlands to store and treat the storm water run-off.

Services Provided

  • Site design
  • Site storm water detention system
  • Off-site sanitary sewer and water main design and construction


  • Bringing 2 miles of sewer and water service to the development which required easement procurement from private individuals and an FPA change from NIPC and the EPA.
  • Developing a regional storm water plan which included a square mile watershed study. Wetland and watershed specialist, Hey & Associates, were instrumental in achieving timely approval.
  • Preserving wetlands and working with Krackower & Associates to develop a plan that preserved all wetlands and allowed upland storm water detention.
  • Timely construction access permits for Gilmer Road from the Lake County Department of Transportation.

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