Renaissance House

This classically styled brick, limestone, and simulated limestone house embraces the natural resources of the parcel, preserving the vistas upon a heavily wooded ravine. Through the large windows that dominate the back of the home, one sees dramatic views in greens, whites, and, in fall, luminescent reds and oranges.

Services Provided

  • Plat of Survey
  • Tree and topographic survey
  • Site development/tree preservation plan
  • Permitting
  • Building layout
  • Location and final survey


  • Preserving the natural landscape on a 100' x 200' deep heavily wooded lot required a detailed topographic tree survey. The survey included the existing house (for demolition purposes), landscaping and existing trees (size, specs and condition provided by Urban Forest Management) and location and grade of adjacent homes.
  • Achieving maximum tree preservation and vistas required the home to be strategically positioned. A detailed site development plan fit the house to the hillside, which created a windowed lower level that opened up to a mid level patio. Driveway and utility placement were designed to minimize disturbance and were further insured with tree protection fencing.
  • Preserving the existing drainage patterns required a grading/drainage plan confined to the "construction envelope" fenced off from disturbance.

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