Antonio “Tony” Catella

V.P. of Technical Services

Tony has been with Greengard, Inc. since 1981 and is a graduate of Southern Illinois University and the College of Lake County.

With Associates Degrees in Applied Science in Architectural Technology and Civil Technology/Design Construction, Tony joined the firm as an Engineering Draftsman. Over the years, Tony has successfully adapted his role to the advancement of technology, empowering Greeengard and converting it from a labor-intensive, drafting workplace into a rapid pace, multifaceted CAD (Computer-Aided Design) environment. From Draftsman and Field Crewman, to Office Manager andDirector of Technical Service, Tony became a Greengard Partner in 2006.

Through his diverse background, Tony provides creative and technical expertise that helps him manages the firm’s Custom Home/Infill Department. With primary focus in design and client service of the teardown market, Tony has played key roles in the site design of hundreds of luxury custom homes throughout Chicagoland’s North Shore Communities. Tony’s deep knowledge of the various municipality codes and changing requirements increase his ability to manage and expedite client needs.

As Vice President of Technical Services, Tony manages project design and construction document phases, as well as  the firm’s training programs. As partner, he also contributes to the business management of Greengard, Inc., taking ownership of his role in the growth and improvement of the company.

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