Steve Fielding

V.P. of Business Operations

In 2006, Steve Fielding joined Greengard, Inc. as Vice President of Business Operations and Marketing. He leads day-to-day business operations of Marketing/Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, and Finances.

Steve graduated from Bradley University in 1996 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management with a concentration in Marketing. During the decade following graduation, he grew his career in Marketing and Promotions by working for such companies as Entertainment Marketing, Field Marketing, Inc., and Marketing Connections. Steve led multi-million dollar promotional and marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and was entrusted with events strategy, as well as budgetary and staff management.

After a successful decade of experience in the fast-paced marketing world, Steve looked inward for growth opportunities. When the family-owned Greengard, Inc. sought to develop a Sales/Marketing department, Steve knew he could implement his corporate expertise in the Engineering world. This fit provided exactly the infusion of talent Greengard required.

Steve ultimately purchased a share of the business from the existing Greengard partners, joining his father Don Fielding and others at the leadership table. Steve’s focus on daily business management helps inform his marketing efforts to provide clients with a personalized “small business” feel.

Steve prides himself in making Greengard, Inc. an enjoyable place to work, where team members can receive on-the-job training and utilize their talents to the fullest, while providing outstanding client service.

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