Deerpath Farms

Deerpath Farm is a planned conservation subdivision in the Village of Mettawa, which creates 43 one acre lots, along with 140 acres of preserved woods, prairies and wetlands, including a 40 acre forest preserve. Each lot overlooks permanently protected open space, consisting of mature oak savannahs, restored prairie and enhanced wetlands. 30 acres of existing wetland has been preserved with 36 acres of new wetland and prairie created.

Services Provided

  • Land Planning
  • Preliminary and final design services
  • Final platting and surveying
  • Site construction administration and surveying
  • Wetland preservation and enhancement
  • Woodland Preservation


  • Location, evaluation and preservation of 3000 major trees
  • Identification, location and preservation of 24 individual wetlands under both county and Army Corp. jurisdiction
  • Design with village approval of narrow roadway cross section, with limited right of way to install improvements within 40’ corridor.
  • Full access from IDOT at Route 60
  • Obtain permits from Lake County Storm Water Commission and US Army Corp. of Engineers, which demonstrate superior floodplain and storm water management practices

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