Greengard Difference

Greengard, Inc. has developed into a highly personalized, progressive organization, well-qualified to handle engineering projects of any size or scope.

Environmental Expertise

We at Greengard, Inc. believe in conservation of our natural resources with the integration of the terrain, lowland wetlands, upland savannahs woodlands, waterways and vistas, thus creating the developed sites that have increased land value, by providing a sense of maturity and place.

Client Communication

Approaching every client relationship as a partner, is the philosophy of Greengard, Inc. We know that our clients are our most valuable resource and communication is the key to successful projects. Through our daily communications with e-mails and phone calls, we keep our clients “in the loop”, updating project status on a regular basis. To enter the global communication era of 24/7 access, our clients each have their own secure username and password to our website, where they can download their most recent drawings, invoices, permit letters or any other correspondence at their convenience.

Governmental Relationships – Teamwork

Being in business since 1952, Greengard, Inc. has over 55 years of service in the Chicagoland area. This has enabled us to establish very close relationships with many of the governmental agencies. With these established relationships, we have been able to work with them as a team to maintain a win/win situation for our client and the village, city or township, which expedites the permit and approval process.

Leading Technology

Greengard, Inc. ensures that we are using the most recent technology available to the Engineering and Surveying field. Our engineers and technicians use the most current version of AutoCad Civil 3D for design software and our field crews are equipped with the latest technology of GPS and Robotic Equipment. By investing in technology, Greengard, Inc. will continue to provide accurate and timely solutions, helping to meet our client’s needs and financial goals.

Strategic Alliances

By making use of our strategic alliances, Greengard, Inc. has the ability to provide services of a larger firm, while at the same time giving the personal attention that a client gets from a smaller firm. We have established relationships with the most qualified firms in the Chicagoland area that share our vision. We assemble, coordinate and lead the development team to provide our clients the expertise required for a successful project. These specialties include, tree inventories, wetland delineation, floodplain analysis and topographic survey, which we use to assess the property’s natural resource value.

Financial Goals

Greengard, Inc. realizes that one of the most important concerns from our client is the bottom line;(i.e. what the project is going to cost). When designing our sites, sound engineering and planning concepts integrated with the natural landscape and topography saves significant construction dollars by minimizing earthwork, pipe installation and landscape screening costs.

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